How to fly to New York from Hong Kong (return) for only US$825 on Cathay Pacific

This time last year, I scored the cheapest international flight from Hong Kong to New York on Cathay Pacific - and it's available again this year.

Every Tuesday morning at 8:00 am (Hong Kong time), Cathay Pacific releases what it calls its "fanfare" flights, which offer incredibly good deals on some of its international flights from Hong Kong.

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Celebrating our incredibly cheap Cathay Pacific flights to New York with a glass of bubbly before we depart Hong Kong.
Last year, my two friends and I bought an impromptu ticket from Hong Kong to New York (return), which was advertised at HK$3,900 (US$500) but came to HK$6,400 (US$825) including taxes and surcharges. Not only did we get the flight, but we were also awarded 4,026 Asia Miles each (not Marco Polo Club Miles though, which is a different thing).

So what's the catch, you ask. There isn't really one except that you do need to be a bit flexible with your dates. I've seen some incredibly cheap deals come out for amazing locations (think Paris, Maldives, Johannesburg and Amsterdam just to name a few) but they require you to fly out pretty much the next day. These flights also tend to sell out pretty fast - our trip was completely impromptu, but we booked the tickets within four hours of them being advertised online.

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Everyone went a little snap happy on the trip.
Finally, keep in mind that the fare advertised doesn't include the taxes and surcharge - and don't expect to be upgraded on your flight, because this is probably the cheapest class of ticket you can get (and with good reason!).

  1. Sign up to Cathay Pacific's CXspecial email newsletter on their website, so they will tell you on Monday night what flights are going to be released on Tuesday morning.
  2. If you're planning on going away with a group of friends, make sure everyone is ready to say yay or nay to an impromptu trip at 8 am every Tuesday - if you leave it until late, the flights will be sold out. Make a whatsapp chat group for this and designate one trustworthy person to be the ticket buyer. Give that person everyone's passport and frequent flyer details beforehand so they can snap up the tickets even faster.
  3. Some browsers don't work as well with the fanfare website - we've heard stories of the flights not loading properly on certain browsers. So far, we haven't had any problems with Internet Explorer, but Chrome can sometimes jam up a bit.

If you guys have had any good or bad experiences with fanfares, let us know in the comments section below!

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Found this hilarious sign in Grand Central Terminal. Don't be like the unicorns and miss out on a great deal!
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