LSLookbook Roundup

This week we have been gearing up for our soft launch that is taking place next week. A lot of time and effort has been put into making sure things run as smoothly as possible, so we're pretty excited about how things are looking!

On that note, we're actually looking for people to collaborate with, so whether you're a business in the lifestyle / travel industry, or you're a blogger that wants to write a guest post, please do get in touch with us at lslookbook at

This week we posted a couple of amazing pictures from our Artistic Director & Photographer, the very awesome @csquared317. Check us out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more of his incredible pictures.

Hong Kong HDR high definition photography photographer photo picture image street view harbour
The stunning view from @csquared317's home.
Our latest purchase from Grana below also arrived - and we'll be releasing a review of it this week.

Grana Hong Kong black silk shirt
We were delivered a comfy (and affordable) silk shirt from Grana. Can't wait to pair this with some black pumps for work!
This morning, we also began shooting for our Men's Winter Fashion series with the incredibly stylish Watson (@cnostaw), which will showcase all the amazing outfit and accessory combinations guys can throw together for work and travel outfits during Winter. Each week, we'll be releasing some amazing shots that were taken, and Watson will give us the lowdown on how to put together his look.

In other news, Manda has just returned from Sydney back to Singapore. Given that she failed to bring her camera along (#bloggerfail), we're just going to have to post a #throwbackthursday post of the days when we were in uni. 

Even though it's Sunday.

xx Amanda & Carmen

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