My Jotter Book and Beanies

So this week we officially launched our blog! We were incredibly excited when we found out that we had reached over 100 likes on Facebook in 24 hours - and on top of this, we were contacted by a very cool brand here in Hong Kong, so we're hoping to bring you some more awesome lifestyle insidertips (and free goodies!).

Speaking of free goodies, don't forget to like us on Facebook for a chance to win a Dior Travel Pack.

In other news, Amanda hit up the Public Garden Christmas Markets 2014 in Somerset, Singapore and picked up this super cool Pride & Prejudice book clutch (S$100 / US$76) from My Jotter Book.

Weekends by Flea & Trees Slowhouse Singapore

If you're after something similar available in most locations around the world, then check out Kate Spade for their book clutches, like this awesome Twinkle Twinkle Emanuelle clutch (US$328).

Twinkle Twinkle Emanuelle clutch Kate Spade bag book
Twinkle Twinkle Emanuelle clutch Kate Spade bag book inside
Photos courtesy of Kate Spade. 
Oh and Carmen decided that this Winter she would rock the beanie. She was hoping that she would look something like this:

Image from
Instead, she ended up looking (in her mother's words) like a "cancer patient". Thanks, mum.*
Beanie from Zara. Cancer patient look from Carmen.
Stay tuned for more travel + lifestyle news!

xx Amanda & Carmen

* Before you get your panties in a knot about that statement being politically incorrect, Carmen's mum is a cancer survivor. So that means she gets to say whatever she likes. Apparently.

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  1. Love the Kate Spade clutch,

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