2014 Winter Sale at Club Monaco

2014 was the year of Club Monaco for me.

I ended up buying half my wardrobe from this one brand that catered to my obsession with black, grey and...well, basically black and grey. So for anyone looking to pick up some grey - sorry, great - basic pieces for work, I have one top tip for you: sharpen your elbows, because sale season has just started at Club Monaco.

Black, black, black...and more black.
The black mesh V-line front panel on the top conceals enough to be decent, but also has a touch of risque naughtiness to it...
...Which apparently extends to the back. I only just discovered this.

Last week I bought these "Soot Black Emily Pants" and this "Soot Black Merino-Monique Sweater" at 20% off the retail price. I ended up being convinced to also pick up a Charcoal Briley Wrap at full price, but if you have a Citibank credit card and spend between HK$2,000 and HK$7,499 in one day, you get a HK$80 cash coupon to be used at certain stores in the IFC (which includes City Super, so worse come to worse, go buy yourself a juice. That will probably cost you $80). The more you spend over HK$7,499, the more cash coupons you get. Full details can be found here.

Carmen wears -

  • Soot Black Emily Pants: Club Monaco (from HK$1,590 to HK$1,272) 
  • Soot Black Merino-Monique Sweater: Club Monaco (from HK$1,550 to HK$1,085)
  • Charcoal Briley Wrap: Club Monaco (HK$2,290)
  • Shoes: Nude
  • Bracelet: Tiffany & Co.
  • Ring: Tiffany & Co.

  1. The pants have a degree of elasticity. To stop them from scrunching up at the knee, make sure they're fairly tight around the ankles - which means you may need to get them tailored in a bit. 
  2. If you're going to go for the IFC Citibank deal, be smart about it. My mother and I both have a Citibank credit card, so we put the two discount purchases on one card, and put the full price purchase (also just over $2,000) on another card - and got two $80 cash coupons back. Remember that you can't just split purchases on one card (i.e. spend $2,000 in one transaction and then spend another $2,000 in a subsequent one on the same card) - you'll still only get back one $80 coupon because it's on the same card.
  3. Don't zip the wrap up unless it's cold. You might not realise (as I didn't until I saw the photos), but having it unzipped is much more flattering.

xx Carmen

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