LSLookbook Roundup: Stuart Weitzman and Chopsuey Cafe

Carmen spent the weekend being alternatively hungover and sick (it was hard to tell which), but she did manage to do some Christmas shopping, including picking up these gorgeous Apogee Smoke Plaid Suede ankle boots made in Spain from Stuart Weitzman...for herself. These were 40% off, plus she scored an extra HK$500 in a lucky draw - so they went from HK$5,200 (US$670) to HK$2,650 (US$341)!

Insider tip: For those after Stuart Weitzman shoes, get in quick because they're on sale and shoes are selling like hotcakes! If you're a Lane Crawford card member, remember to get them to credit your account with points. If you accumulate 8,000 points (within a set period of time), you get a gift card of HK$200 to spend at Lane Crawford.

This week Amanda went to Chopsuey Cafe in Singapore, a take on modern Asian cuisine by the same group behind P.S. Cafe (famous for its truffle fries and desserts).

She recommends the white bouquet sangria which comes adorned with chrysanthemum flowers and lychee, the chilli jam prawns, the crispy orange beef and the ginger pudding.

Fortune cookies are always a fun ending to dinner, and Chopsuey's didn't disappoint!

We hope you're all having a festive holiday season (and not feeling sorry for yourselves like Carmen is)!

xx Amanda & Carmen

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