Top 3 ways to travel with style in coach / economy class

Wondering why Amanda looks so happy on her economy class flight? Because she uses these insider tips to make her flight a breeze!
Gone are the days when airlines didn't code-share, economy class aisles were wide enough to fit a service trolley and a pathway for wandering passengers and children were allowed to say hello to the Captain and glimpse the wonders of the cockpit.

With the pressure of cost-cutting, increased competition and making air travel accessible to the masses, along with the procedural and logistical nightmare of heightened airport security, it's no wonder flying coach isn't quite as comfortable as it used to be.

But with some planning and organisation, you can maximise your comfort by following my tried and tested tips.

1. Bring a warm shawl, scarf or comfy cardigan

This one is more for the ladies, but I always end up freezing in the cabin after take-off, particularly when it's a night flight and I'm trying to snooze. Even if you're travelling from Summer to Summer, this is an absolute essential! My recommendation is to bring a cashmere scarf (like the one below) or pashmina – they're light, easy to carry, match with everything - and most importantly, are warm!
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2. Pack your own amenities kit

Just because the first and business class passengers get this freebie doesn't mean you have to forego these little luxuries on your journey! I always carry a little kit of essentials in my hand-carry baggage and like to tuck this into the storage pocket in front of me (so I don't have to be the annoying passenger constantly rummaging through the overhead compartments).

cathay pacific amenities kit flight airplane
Photo courtesy of Cathay Pacific Press Release.

My number one item is lip balm. I find the cabin air accentuates how quickly my skin seems to dry out and I am constantly reapplying this. My choice is good old Vaseline (it comes in a cute 49g mini-jar) or Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment. Also nice to have is hand cream (I like L'Occitane's) but I find I can manage fine without on short-haul flights.
49 g vaseline tub jar

l'occitane hand cream shea butter

My must-haves are Dettol Hand Sanitiser and pocket tissues (or wet wipes). This is always handy when the soap dispenser is empty (which I have discovered on a few flights) and the flight attendant hasn't done the replacement rounds. (Needless to say, it also shocks yet amuses me how many passengers before me have gone without washing their hands properly after using the bathroom... gross!). For longer flights, I also add in a dental kit (pocketed as a freebie from previous hotel stays which usually come with mini-toothpaste tubes).

dettol hand sanitizer
dental kit travel handy

3. Bring your own headphones

After experiencing the noise-cancelling business class headphones, I can't stand using the crappy free headphones they hand out at the beginning of every flight.

One tip for the technologically savvy is to purchase an audio jack converter – this little device will allow you to use your own headphones in the aeroplane jack and costs around US$2-$3.

audio jack conveter
Otherwise, if you plug your headphone jack into one of the aeroplane outlets (you should hear sound through either the left or right ear) and then wriggle the jack around, you'll be able to adjust the sound so that you can hear the audio through both sides. I do this in emergencies when I forget to pack my trusty converter, and it does work, I promise!

For headphones, my everyday choice is Bang & Olufsen's EarSet 3i Headphones (US$199 on here), or for that extra touch of comfort, Bang & Olufsen's BeoPlay H6 (US$399 on here) - I opted for classic black.

bang and olufsen beoplay h6 beige headphones

xx Amanda

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