Watson's Winter Wednesday: Not So Basic Black

We are now well and truly into Winter - but regardless of how cold we are, there is no doubt: we want to be as cool as our guest blogger, Watson (@cnostaw). This is part three of Watson's Winter Wednesdays series - don't forget to check out his first post on how to rock a blue suit, and his second post on why guys should own a brown suit.

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I know it's been said before that I tend to stay away from black suits, but one cannot deny its innate ability to make the wearer look slimmer and taller.

Uniqlo is one of those brands that I don't think gets enough love in the fashion aspect. Its high quality materials and affordability means a fun, inexpensive way to add some quirky touches, letting you create a unique outfit. I'm a big fan of adding Uniqlo's ultra light down vest under a suit jacket, and this bright green shows up well, complimented by the black, adding a slight Maleficent touch to an otherwise monochromatic combination. (Not to mention the high collars have a nice way of framing the face. No wonder Angelina Jolie's cheekbones looked so good. Oh and they were fake.)

Looking back, I think these pants could be tailored to be more fitted, but since I sit at my desk all day, I guess I made a subconscious decision to be more comfortable in the region that, I think all men would agree, is a priority.

These Yves Saint Laurent boots tend to catch a bit of attention, not just because of the python aspect, but also because of its rather high cuban heel. At first glance, I didn't think I could pull the look off at the office, but of course my adventurous side kicked in and I decided to take a risk. And of course, they were on sale. The first time wearing these bad boys for a full day, I finally understood why women love high heels. Catching my reflection in the mirror, I noticed an improvement in my posture (I had to stand more upright if I didn't want to fall over) and my legs actually looked longer, but not in an obvious way. However, by the end of the 11 hour work day, I wished unholy death on anything that would delay my returning home to take off these portable torture devices. I then finally understood why women hate high heels. This love-hate relationship will forever persist, but these shoes also introduced me to the necessity of the Shanghainese Pedicure.

The black and white fingerless gloves may look a bit odd, but their functionality makes sense to this Instagram-addict, giving my fingers immediate access to capacitive touch screens. Although there are quite a variety of gloves out there that have capacitive technology, the funkiness of these gloves and its simplicity of use won me over.

Watson wears the following:-
Black suit: Simpson's Tailors in Sheung Wan (HK$4,000)
 White dress shirtSimpson's Tailors in Sheung Wan (HK$400)
Down vest: Uniqlo (HK$350)
Black skinny Tie: Dior (HK$1,100)
Anchor tie bar: J Crew (HK$680)
White pocket square: Takeo Kikuchi
Python cuban heeled boots: Yves Saint Laurent ($HK4,500)
Watch: Chanel (Received as a gift)
Black and white fingerless cotton gloves: Club Monaco (HK$250)
Oversized aviator sunglasses: Cutler and Gross (HK$6,000)
 Black leather portfolio: Coach (HK$3,400)
  1. Dress shirts look best when ironed properly (front, back, sleeves, collar and cuffs), but if you're short on time in the morning and haven't got the ironing board set up, try hanging the shirt in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. The steam can relax the fabric so it would at least ease the look of some wrinkles.
  2. One thing I noticed with these tailored shirts is that since they have plastic collar stays sewn into the collar, after a few washes, it can become warped and distort the clean lines that a collar should have. My fashion-forward friend suggests using stainless steel or titanium collar stays, to add a bit of weight and create the clean straight lines that are subtle but make a real difference.
  3. Suit jackets generally wear out less often than suit pants, and I learned the hard way that a tailor can run out of a discontinued fabric. When getting a tailored suit made, I always opt for two pairs of pants. It keeps you prepared just like a golfer, in case you get a HOLE IN ONE. (har har har.)
xx Watson

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