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We've both been manically busy this week. It's been a bit tough, but that's the life of a corporate lawyer; and frankly, we both love our jobs (you won't find many in the industry that say that!).

Carmen doesn't just work as a lawyer - she spends her spare time working as a freelance writer. And one of the amazing organisations that she works for is called Whiskers N Paws; an incredible pet supply store (i.e. they do not sell animals - only pet supplies) that time and time again assists and supports animal rescue charities in Hong Kong and overseas. 

Carmen's dog's head is so big she makes Santa's beard look like her hat.
One year, Whiskers N Paws donated a ton of much-needed supplies for Carmen to take to the Dog & Cat Rescue Samui Foundation in Koh Samui. If you are in Hong Kong and interested in taking supplies to animal shelters overseas, then contact them and see if something can be done.

So today Carmen took her rescue dog, Sachi, to Whiskers N Paws for a photo with Santa (all proceeds being donated to an animal rescue), as well as picking up a giant doggie hamper that Whiskers N Paws very generously gave Sachi for Christmas.

Speaking of presents, Carmen bought herself a pair of these gorgeous white Gianvito Rossi leather pumps with a metallic tip and heel at The Yard Sale - they would usually cost over HK$5,000 (US$645) but she scored them for HK$850 (US$110)!

Finally, there are a huge array of Christmas markets on in almost every major city. Hong Kong is no exception, and Carmen popped by Sohofama in PMQ (which serves great local Chinese dishes with organic and/or locally sourced produce and no MSG) for a quick bite, followed by a trip to The Pound Lane Market where there were free yoga classes being held by Yoga Bam Bam, as well as various stores selling cute Christmas gifts.

We recommend Sohofama - great quality Chinese cuisine with organic and/or locally  sourced produce, located inside the GOD store at PMQ.

This week Amanda was in Bali and was working 14 billable hour days - which meant her hubby's herb garden was abandoned - with the results below.

For those with a busy schedule or for frequent travellers who still enjoy having some greenery around the home, think about getting a cactus pot plant! She picked up the ones below - and being low maintenance and able to last over a month without any watering, hopefully Amanda won't be able to kill these off after her next holiday!

We hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and thanks for reading!

xx Amanda & Carmen

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