Top 5 Tips for Makeup & Skincare when Travelling

Today the talented makeup and hair artist, Joanna from Hoanna Jo Makeup Studio, has kindly agreed to answer your questions on makeup and skincare tips for when you travel! Don't forget to check her out on Instagram and Facebook for more makeup and hair advice.

Question #1: When I travel to humid Asian destinations, I find my mascara and eyeliner start to run quite badly. Are there any tips to fix this?

This is one of the most common questions I get from all girls! We all apply eyeliner and mascara, but never really know how to set them. Here's a simple trick: sweep a little loose powder right under your eyeliner or on top of your mascara to create an invisible barrier that will hold the eyeliner/mascara in place.

I recommend MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing powder (loose) (US$26). It's the best setting powder I have used so far: the powder is pure perfection. No powdery look, it's easy to blend, and it sets makeup to last all day. This is one of the few MAC products that is worth the hype.
MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing powder review
MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing powder (US$26)

Question #2. What are your top tips for caring for my skin in a dry airplane cabin? What products can help rehydrate my skin?

nau water bottle
nau water bottle (US$33)

The reason why the air inside airplane cabins is so dry is because it is very low in humidity - much lower than the air in houses or office buildings.  To protect your skin, you must replace lost moisture internally and externally, so drink plenty of water! Take along your own water bottle (subject to flight liquid restrictions) and sip from it frequently.
Remember that dry skin will tend to get drier and oily skin will get even oiler to compensate for dehydration in the cabin, which means you should always do a pre-flight skin care routine.

MAC Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion review
MAC Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion (US$41)
This involves applying a serum before boarding your flight in order to deliver enhanced hydration and protection, delivering moisture deep within the layers of your skin while providing an occlusive seal to help it retain moisture. The MAC Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion (US$41) is a very good, lightweight serum that works well under makeup. It is best for normal to oily skin, the formula includes a good selection of smoothing and hydrating ingredients along with lots of antioxidants.

For in-flight skin care, be sure to blot! In addition to drying skin out, flying can also increase acne breakouts for people with oily skin. If oily skin is dehydrated, oil production in the skin increases to combat the dryness.

ESTEE LAUDER Optimizer review
ESTEE LAUDER Optimizer (US$73)
Dry skin can create surface dead skin cell build up, which, if not removed post flight by using an exfoliating product, can cause oil and bacteria to be trapped under the skin. And you know what that means? An increase in breakouts a day or two after flying. So it is important to blot skin with tissue or oil-blotting papers to reduce oil and acne-causing bacteria. When you arrive at your destination, immediately exfoliate and cleanse to keep skin clear.

Check out the ESTEE LAUDER Optimizer Intensive Boosting Lotion Even Skintone + Hydration (US$73), which is an advanced skin-unifying toner formulated with fortified bamboo complex to relieve skin instantly and impart essential hydration quicker and deeper into the skin's surface so your skin appears smoother, evenly-toned and younger looking.

Question #3. I'm going overseas for vacation - are there any makeup essentials I should pick up while I'm there?

We all have a cosmetic bag that's overflowing, but many of us have no clue exactly what to do with all the products that the cosmetics counters recommend to us. In reality, these top 5 essential products are all you need for a flawless face!

1. A tinted primer / light weight foundation just to even out your skin complexion. I like the Banila Co. Face Primer (US$32), which is devoted to making large pores look less noticeable, plus it gives the skin a soft-focus finish and silky texture.

Banila Co. Face Primer review
Banila Co. Face Primer (US$32)
2. A (correct shade) blush that will make you look like your blushing - but not like your wearing any blush on!

3. A guide-on eyeliner (see question #4 for my recommendation).

4. An essential nude lipstick according to your own skin color (see question #5 for my recommendation).

5. A (correct shade) concealer that helps to get rid of dark circles. Another great option is the Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener (US$31), which is perfect for undereye application. It's very lightweight, provides natural coverage, and doesn't settle into lines or creases - which is very important when you're travelling!

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener review
Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener (US$31)

Question #4. I am travelling from a city with cool weather to one that is sunny and warm - are there any makeup products that would work for both climates?

Summer is the time to give your body a healthy tan, all while protecting it from the horrors of sunburn, baked and dry lips, and even skin cancer! As a result, I recommend a lightweight, hydrating, melt-proof coverage product with SPF for hot and sunny weather - try a tinted moisturizer, or some sort of lightweight, creamy foundation, plus don't forget good waterproof liquid liner and waterproof mascara.

Take a look at the NARS Skincare aqua gel luminous oil free moisturizer (US$58), which has a silky, light texture that will help slightly dry, dehydrated skin look and feel better without making it too oily.

NARS Skincare aqua gel luminous oil free moisturizer review
NARS Skincare aqua gel luminous oil free moisturizer (US$58)
On the other hand, during Winter, the oil glands situated just below the surface of the skin tend to become relatively inactive and produce less moisture than usual. This means your makeup needs to change when dealing with super-dry skin and temperatures so cold that you tear up as soon as you walk outside. The last thing you want is a flaky skin-accentuating foundation or an eyeliner or mascara that runs. So again, go for a good waterproof liquid eyeliner, waterproof mascara, and a medimum to high coverage foundation.

I love the Tony Moly Backstage gel eyeliner (US$10) - it has a soft consistency that can be warmed up easily, and it's super waterproof and smudge proof to boot!

Tony Moly Backstage gel eyeliner review
Tony Moly Backstage gel eyeliner (US$10)

Question #5. I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend - and every time I fly over to see him, I want to look my (casual) best when I get off the plane. Do you have advice for how I can throw together a natural but flawless look in the five minutes before the plane lands?

When it comes to makeup, there’s no exact rule. Just enjoy what you feel like putting on, and try to enhance your natural features. Here is a quick breakdown of a routine that will get you looking like you just stepped off a fashion runway and not a plane runway!

1. Foundation (1 min)

Dab the foundation onto the areas that need it most (ruddy cheeks, dark circles, uneven spots) and blend gently.

2. Eyeliner (1 min)

Apply eye pencil (the creamer the better) to the outer corner of the eye only, and do an ‘up-tick’ at the outer corner. Extend the liner all along the lash line and smudge it gently.

3. Mascara (2 min)

Apply one light stroke on the inner lashes but extra strokes on outer lashes. Just remember not to rush it when applying mascaras!!

4. Cheeks (30 seconds)

This is a must for a fresh, healthy look, and an instant remedy whenever you’re looking tired.

5. Lips (30 seconds)

Always remember to finish your makeup look with a gloss or a sheer lipstick. If you're prone to getting chapped lips, try the Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy(US$25). This sugar and vanilla-flavored twist-up, lipstick-like lip balm goes on clear and contains several beneficial ingredients to instantly make dry, chapped lips feel better. Although this is pricey, you're getting a cornucopia of top-notch ingredients for dry skin, several of which are natural!

xx Joanna
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The lovely and talented Joanna Ho.

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