Exploring Singapore's Chinatown

Here's to living in the moment! We both enjoyed being in our adopted "home towns" this week, from wandering the streets of Singapore to spending time with furry friends.

In the relative shade of the afternoon sun, the hubby and I decided to explore Singapore's Chinatown area on Saturday afternoon and planned our 6 km round-trip walking route along Clarke Quay and the Singapore River.

Upon arrival in Chinatown, it was clear that things were in full swing for Chinese New Year! 

Year of the Ram
The brightly coloured old shop houses along Temple Street
Chinatown markets
Sweets for a sweet year in 2015
Homemade Chinese New Year goodies - we bought pineapple tarts and Nyonya love letters
Walking through the market stalls, I couldn't resist having a sticky beak (and a few free samples here and there) at the various goods on offer. We found a stall selling homemade pineapple tarts and other Chinese New Year specialties, and there were plenty of vendors selling bright red decorations, fresh flowers and lucky bamboo, plump oranges, candy and abalone. 

Chinese New Year decorations

Chinese temple
Colourful Hindu temple (I think) on Keong Saik Road
In the cool of the afternoon/evening, walking around in Singapore is surprisingly pleasant. It's also a particularly good time to visit Chinatown this month, as there are a variety of snacks and sweets, decorations and firecrackers that only make an appearance once a year during the CNY celebrations.

A lovely day for a walk
And to reward ourselves for our weekend exercise, we bought some of the famous custard egg tarts from Tong Heng Bakery along South Bridge Road.

Easily the best egg tarts I have tried in Singapore - crisp flaky pastry and wobbly custard middle - and I love the unique diamond shape. A great way to end the day!

Egg Tart from Tong Heng Bakery - a little battered from our walk

This week was about returning to the reality of Winter in Hong Kong (from the beautiful sunshine in Sydney) - and the weather seems to have turned cooler than before.

Unfortunately I don't really have anything to report - aside from working on a new partner dance routine (which we will hopefully be able to perform in Hong Kong in June), I haven't really been doing much at all. These days, my nights seem to be made up of gymnastics, dance...and my dog!

xx Amanda & Carmen


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