LSLookbook Roundup: Standing Splits and Swimming with Turtles

This week Amanda headed to paradise - the Maldives - and swam with turtles. Carmen, on the other hand, spent her Chinese New Year break training for her upcoming dance audition tape at home. 
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maldives park hyatt beautiful water
maldives park hyatt beautiful water

Taking advantage of the Chinese New Year public holidays to escape from Singapore, I am writing this post from the deck of our over-water villa at the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa - situated on an atoll in the south of the Maldives, close to the equator and boasting unbelievably crystal clear water, a coral reef full of colour and life, and promising to be the ultimate relaxing vacation. 

I can't wait to share the full story with you all, but for now, see above for a few preview photos. The natural beauty of this place is so incredible - it's straight out of a page of National Geographic

Stay tuned for my top tips and reviews to come!

maldives park hyatt beautiful water


This was a week of a fair bit of physical training for an upcoming dance audition tape that is going to be filmed in three weeks...which meant lots of dance, gymnastics/acrobatics, pole, and flexibility training. And lots of practicing standing splits - like in the video below.

That also meant a lot of eating as well, with my ridiculously lovely and talented boyfriend cooking amazing meals at home (think organic salmon and veggies with chili and garlic, and mussels in tomato and white wine sauce...again with chili and garlic - you get the drift), as well as taking me out to a few great restaurants.

For those who love Japanese cuisine, I recommend Rakuen, a Japanese restaurant serving Okinawan food found in both Causeway Bay and Central. We loved the homemade peanut sauce tofu and the sliced squid, as well as the sashimi. Everyone else (including the boyfriend) loved the bitter gourd, but it was too bitter for my taste.

rakuen japanese restaurant okinawa food hong kong homemade peanut sauce tofu
rakuen japanese restaurant okinawa food hong kong sashimi fish seafood

I also spent a lot of time with the fat pup, heading on a three hour hike from Discovery Bay to Mui Wo (and back), and up to Victoria Gardens on The Peak for a doggy playdate despite the crazily misty weather.

dogs and girls hong kong peak hike

And finally, doing so much working out meant that a well-deserved pig out session was warranted!

la maison du chocolat macaron ganache valentines hong kong

xx Amanda & Carmen

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