Carmen reviews Limewood Restaurant and Amanda farewells the Maldives


I have to admit, I'm feeling a bit sheepish. Amanda asked me to make sure the blog was running smoothly while she was on her amazing trip to the Maldives (check out some of her great photos here), and I had many grand plans to write amazing posts, but unfortunately work and circus training got in the way this week.

On the upside, the boyfriend and I managed to check out Limewood, a fairly new seafood restaurant in The Pulse, the new shopping mall complex in Repulse Bay.

We started off with half dozen fresh oysters with calamansi, ponzu, scallion and quail egg (HK$45 each). The combination of oyster and raw quail egg blew us away - it somehow created a delicious slurpy texture and beautifully contrasted flavours. (Sidenote: We recommend adding the lime.)

Next came the spicy yellow fin tuna ceviche with cucumber relish and yuzu aioli (HK$130). The chunks of tuna were thick, and the texture was balanced nicely with a crunch of cucumber and fried garlic, but unfortunately the dish had a weak flavour that the sauce attempted to overcompensate for.

After that, we chowed down on the spicy tiger prawn rice paper roll with avocado, arugula, and prawn sauce. It had a very mild spicy kick and the subtle taste of avocado inside, and the sauce was smooth and creamy. We absolutely loved it, but more fried garlic could be found in the dish, so avoid it if this isn't to your taste!

My boyfriend was hungry and ordered the corn chips and guacamole (HK$120) as an extra - I found the guacamole was lacking in punchy flavour, and the bland taste was again covered up by fried garlic and pork skin. The tortilla chips were extremely plain and there were too many chips and not enough guacamole - but he loved it!

Finally, to our absolute delight because we could see it being grilled in the open kitchen right opposite us, the 24 hour charred beef ribs with mango infused BBQ sauce arrived, covered in toasted sesame seeds and cilantro (HK$360). The meet was smokey, tender, and the perfect amount of fat combined with slightly charred skin. I don't normally add salt to my food, but I would recommend it for this dish to bring out the smokey flavour even more.

At the excited urging of my boyfriend's friend who works with the restaurant, we ordered the hand pulled churros for dessert. These bad boys were covered in sugar and cinnamon with caramel sauce and coconut ice cream, topped with nuts. They were deliciously fresh and hot, and had the perfect combination of crispy on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside. I've never had churros that tasted so good, and would highly recommend them!

For drinks, my boyfriend had the BBQ pineapple Cuban monitor with rum, mint, cinnamon, cane sugar and soda (HK$90), which he said was sweet, fresh and strong. I ordered the De Loach Pinot Noir, which for HK$135, I found pleasant (particularly as it is spicier than your normal pinot, which I appreciate) but seriously over priced.

My top tips are to book a table - we didn't, and were placed near the open kitchen which was warm and noisy, with chefs yelling for service and new orders. Not an unpleasant experience by any means, but if you are after a quiet conversation, best to sit a bit further away! The service was slightly unpolished (food explanations were stumbled over), but very friendly and we appreciate their efforts in being helpful.


There's no better way to face the return flight home to reality than a relaxing spa treatment. Two hours of bliss at the luxurious Vidhun Spa and I'm ready to say farewell to the Maldives.

Needless to say, after a glorious 10 day break from the office, I am not super keen to head back to work tomorrow. Time to start planning my next getaway...

xx Amanda and Carmen

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