Shanghai Bund

I recently wrote a review of the Portman Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai, which is where I stayed on my previous trip to Shanghai. Last week, I was back again on another business trip and was fortunate enough to stay at the Peninsula Shanghai (review to come), which was an unsurprisingly top notch experience.

I didn't previously manage to swing by my firm's (rather legendary) Shanghai office, so I made it a point to this time - and the rumours were all true. Set in the classic, historical Roosevelt building right on the Bund (Shanghai's waterfront), walking down the external hallways felt like what I would imagine walking down the White House is like. 

From the vintage looking bronze lift to the plush, royal blue carpet in the hallway and tasteful artwork, it was an absolute treat to make myself at home in this office. On the inside, the decor was bright, minimalist and an interesting mix of modern with hints of vintage.

Plus, for those of you who don't know, I'm also obsessed with libraries - and our Shanghai office did not let me down with the comfortable psychatrist-office like chairs and cushions, plus mahogany shelves with an array of books!

xx Carmen

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