Mad Circus Performances

Last weekend was pretty crazy for me. 

For regular followers of our blog, you will know that I have spent the last few months training to be a dancer in a circus performance, with an international cast of acrobats, dancers, aerial artists, jugglers, and other amazingly talented performers, as well as a few ex-Cirque de Soleil directors thrown in to manage us all.

Our performance finally kicked off last Friday night at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts theatre (where the previous Phantom of the Opera was held a few years ago!), followed by two shows on Saturday and one on Sunday. 

Photo of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts courtesy of Avis Chan (who is the one standing there).
The show, called Secrets of the Lost Circus, follows a boy who is searching for the girlfriend he lost during an apocalypse. He travels throughout the world and encounters different tribes of people (and animals) that have banded together to survive...and eventually manages to find his love at the end.

I was assigned the role of a warrior horse for Friday and Saturday, and a warrior human on Sunday.

My awesome warrior horse hair! (I'm the one on the right.)
Me as a warrior human, with my dance partner.
While I wasn't happy with my performance (in all of the shows!) it was an amazing learning experience, and the friendships that I formed and the people I met were incredible - and something I will be forever grateful for.

Dress Rehearsal - I'm on the right.
Dress Rehearsal - I'm on the left.
Dress Rehearsal - I'm on the left.
Up next is a dance competition with one of my dance partners in June - we'll be doing a duo routine in the comedy category, so it's time to get cracking on that!

xx Carmen


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