Secret Brunch Party by Hushup Hong Kong

These days I don't really have big nights anymore. Or big days either, for that matter. But I made an exception for the first ever Secret Brunch Club on Saturday afternoon run by Hushup Events.

We had pre-paid for our tickets online (HK$650) and received an email telling us to meet a girl at the Central ferry pier at 1:30 pm on Saturday for a welcome drink in front of the new Hong Kong ferris wheel. Unfortunately my acroyoga event in the morning ran overtime, so by the time I arrived at the ferris wheel at 2 pm, everyone had already moved onto the secret location of the brunch: the outdoor rooftop terrace of Armani Prive.

When I got to Armani Prive, I was given a wristband and a glass of champagne. There was a buffet selection of tempura, sushi rolls, chicken skewers, vegetarian pizzas, pork sliders, and Italian antipasto - food done well, but unfortunately in incredibly small portions that it took many visits to satisfy us. 

With freeflow Mumm champagne and wine (as well as shooters and cocktails I believe at an additional price), we were feeling pretty happy. On top of that, there was a DJ accompanied by a guy playing the trumpet live, face and body painting courtesy of the lovely ladies from Faceslap (I got an amazing tribal black and gold pattern down my arm), sticker tattoos, games and an acrobat spinning what resembled a ball in a sock (otherwise known as poi to circus people).

On top of this, I won a bottle of champagne in a limbo competition - check out our Instagram account (@lslookbook) for the video!

The event was supposed to finish at 5:30 pm, but we noticed that the champagne stopped flowing by around 5:00 pm. Unfortunately a decision was made to then pay a further $250 for freeflow until 8 pm; by which time, I was well and truly inebriated.

This was the first time Hushup Events has hosted this event (although they run plenty of other successful ones, including the Secret Island Party), and I'm looking forward to the next one (but not the hangover the next day!).

xx Carmen

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