Top 5 Things To Do at the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa

In this second installment on the Maldives, I share my insider tips on the activities on offer at the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa. For those who missed the first installment, check out my photos and review of the accommodation and dining options here.

One of the major considerations when choosing your resort in the Maldives is the activities on offer, as your hotel will likely be the sole source of entertainment on the islands. Having recently returned from a spectacular holiday in this slice of heaven, here are my top five recommended activities during your stay at the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa.

1.  Snorkelling

You're in the Maldives. This is a no-brainer. But even though I was expecting the snorkelling to be top notch, I was utterly amazed at the variety of coral and ocean life thriving beneath the crystal clear, mesmerizing, aqua waters. (Beats being in the Great Barrier Reef hands-down!)

The wonderful thing about the Park Hyatt is that it boasts one of the healthiest house reefs in the whole of the Maldives. Deep in the South Atoll, this part of the Maldives has only opened up to tourism since 2009, and is less developed (read, less tourist-damaged) than the North. You are guaranteed to see soft and hard, brain-shaped and weedy-looking coral, and all kinds of tropical fish, whether you jump into the water from your villa or either of the hotel's two jetties.

The highlight of the entire trip for the hubby and I (okay, so the hubby spotted it first) was swimming with one of the two hawksbill turtles who live in the Park Hyatt's house reef. You can see our raw video footage of our experience (and hear me screeching with delight in the background) on our YouTube Channel:

For those keen to try something different, one of the activities you can sign up for at the Dive and Activity Centre, Blue Journeys, is a Guided Night Snorkel. Despite freaking out beforehand, swimming in the dark wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. Equipped with a torch, you might see sleeping parrot fish, skinny trumpet fish, crabs, lobsters, and if you're lucky, the beautiful but poisonous lion fish.

There's plenty to see in the house reef, but if you want to venture to other islands for some reef hopping, I would recommend the Reef Exploration day trip, where you will board a Maldivian boat and travel to three different coral reefs. Snorkeling in a different environment, we spotted a number of green sea turtles, black-tip and white-tip reef sharks, and a rarity in the South Atoll, a spotted eagle ray. (Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel for our video to come!)

2.  Scuba Diving

The Park Hyatt has its own 5-star PADI Centre on site, and if you have the time, you can become PADI certified in about four or five days. After an initiation in the hotel pool (this was literally the only time we used the main pool in our entire stay, and the water temperature was colder than the ocean), we experienced two dives under the watchful guidance of Gert, one of the professionals at Blue Journeys.

Be prepared for a Finding Nemo experience, as the scuba dive will take you to the edge of the coral reef - with a bustling metropolis of coral life on one side and the deep blue open water on the other. I couldn't help glancing over my shoulder every ten minutes or so, just to check that a shark wouldn't catch me by surprise.

I would highly recommend becoming PADI-certified so you can dive further in the Maldives. We were able to go down to about 10 to 12 metres, but those with their Advanced Open Water qualification can see hammerhead sharks at around the 40 metre mark. Guess I'll just have to make a return trip!

3.  The Vidhun Spa

After all the snorkelling, swimming and scuba-diving, relax and unwind at the hotel's Vidhun Spa. We saved this experience until our final day at the Maldives, and if you're a spa bunny, you'll probably want to try this as soon as you arrive.

I would recommend arriving early and having a dip in the secluded Spa pool before your treatment. The therapists recommended the "Rolling Ocean" massage for me, as I had told them beforehand that I preferred gentle pressure rather than a deep tissue massage. (I am told that this is also the most popular massage amongst women.) The perfect way to end a day.

4.  Watch the Sunset and Stars

Every sunset was different and spectacular, and I wished I could have had a few more days in the Maldives just to see a few more vanilla skies.

Once night falls, look above and you will see a gleeful display of stars. We spotted Orion's belt and the Southern Cross, and your in-room iPad contains a constellation guide to help you navigate the starry sky.

5.  Attend the Management Cocktail Drinks

As I mentioned in my previous post, alcohol is pricey in the Maldives. So, my advice is: take advantage of the free flow of cocktails and canapes on the beach at the weekly management cocktail drinks.

The management staff are friendly and easy to mingle with - and you'll probably recognize most of faces from the restaurants or the Dive Centre. With such a stunning backdrop, you can't help but have a fun evening (especially with the free 10-minute neck and shoulder massages).

After sun-down, there is an option to join in a buffet dinner on the beach, featuring all the lobsters you can eat!

With so much more to do (traditional Maldivian fishing trips, deep sea fishing, picnics on the beach...), I could have happily spent another week or so in paradise.

  1. If you're a germaphobe or just super-keen like the hubby and I, you might consider bringing your own snorkel set with you to the Maldives. (You can get your own Cressi snorkel kit for around SGD150 at Takashimaya.) Otherwise, head to Blue Journeys, to pick up a life jacket, flippers and your snorkel gear, which you can rent and keep with you for the duration of your stay.
  2. We tried the Dolphin Cruise, and perhaps we were just unlucky, but there was not a single dolphin in sight. It ended up being a rather expensive boat ride (US$600). I would advise skipping this to enjoy a snorkel around the house reef and watch the sunset from your villa.
  3. The activities are all for a limited number of guests. I would highly recommend planning out the things you want to do on the first day you arrive, heading down to the Blue Journeys Dive Centre, and booking everything in one shot. This way you'll be stress-free for the rest of your trip and won't have any disappointments!

xx Amanda



  1. Is the rental of the snorkeling equipment complimentary? (e.g. mask, fins)

  2. Thanks for your comment wzwjon!

    When we stayed, the rental of the snorkel gear was for a fee of about USD 5 per day.

    If you're super keen, I would also consider purchasing some neoprene booties (wetsuit material) which can be worn inside flippers. That way, you won't have to carry your flip flops around, and you won't get scratched by any coral during low tide.