Hair and Colour at Kim Robinson, Hong Kong

I was whisked away to Phuket by my absurdly awesome boyfriend for the weekend to (early) celebrate my birthday, and we stayed at the lovely Point Yamu by Como (reviews to come soon!).

Before the weekend though, I managed to schedule in some time to get a haircut and colour by the talented and professional Tan Tang at Kim Robinson salon in Hong Kong

Now, I'm not going to lie: any hair treatments at this salon don't come cheap, given that their hairdressers (referred to as "hair artists") cut and style the do's of many celebrities in Asia. So it took some serious thought for me to decide to splurge out as a birthday gift to myself on a new cut with a fresh long side fringe and extra volume (HK$1,950 / US$250), and their signature multi shading colour treatment (think highlights made in sweeping strokes down your mane) (HK$3,800 / US$490

One of the things I really liked about the colour treatment was that Tan did not even need to use gloves as he applied the colour to my hair - and there wasn't the disgusting smell of chemicals or burning that usually accompanies the bleaching of my hair. He very helpfully advised me that the colour would lighten over the following two weeks, and told me to come back to the salon after that period of time so he could check how the colour was settling in, and touch up the colour to re-darken it if it was too light for my taste.

I was really happy with both the cut and colour, and can highly recommend Tan for his expertise!

xx Carmen


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