Review of Mangiare

My boyfriend has pretty good taste when it comes to food (pun intended), and his recommendation of visiting Mangiare, a self-proclaimed Italian "street food" restaurant in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong, was spot on.

We turned up on Saturday night with a party of eight people, three of whom were Italian. I was told by the Italians that the name Mangiare means "to eat" in Italian, and that the Italian words on the wall in the restaurant's open kitchen says something along the lines of "we hunt [girl's private parts] together like a pig hunts truffles".

Italians. Always so classy.

The Italian chef, Luca Piazza, is passionate about using only the freshest, seasonal ingredients - so the menu is different almost every time you visit. We ordered one of all the starter dishes (grilled octopus, tomato salad, and grilled vegetables with melted cheese) and they were all fantastic.

Then came the pastas - one with lobster, and the other with tomato and ricotta. The latter was beautiful - perfectly balanced with both the sauce and the cheese - and triggered much kissing of the fingers from the Italians, as well as rapid fire Italian praise, of which I only caught the words "al dente".

After that was the meat. We ordered two giant T-bone steaks, each around 1.5 kilograms. My boyfriend had raved about it before, and he was not wrong - the steak was melt-in-the-mouth tender, with a decent portion of fat for extra flavour, without needing any additional sauce or seasoning (and that's saying something, coming from a sauce fanatic!). The accompanying vegetables were slightly overcooked, but nothing could detract from the meat.

Finally, with true Italian style hospitality, we were given biscotti to dip into shots of Italian liqueur and made numerous toasts with the restaurant's waiter and waitress.

If you're in the Kennedy Town neighbourhood, be sure to stop by Mangiare for beautifully cooked, authentic Italian street food, with the friendly and boisterous service that gives Italian restaurants their charm.

PS. We weren't the only ones impressed by the food - my dog gives Mangiare a big paws up for the giant t-bone I brought back for her!

xx Carmen


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