Masquerade and Shou Zen

On Friday evening I rushed from work to my boyfriend's graduation ball, held at the Mira Hong Kong Hotel.

The theme was masquerade...although that may not have been abundantly clear, given that the printers had misspelt the theme on the giant stage backdrop as "Marquerade" (note to self: do not get things printed in China without careful supervision).

Yesterday evening, my boyfriend and I headed to Shou Zen, a great Japanese restaurant in The Pemberton building in Sheung Wan. I particularly like this restaurant because all its profit is donated to a charity called Benji’s Centre, which helps and supports children with speech and communication problems from low-income families.

Good deeds aside, the food is also great. We ordered a deluxe sashimi platter with over 10 different types of sashimi (including a platter of delicate uni lined up neatly in rows) (HK$580), seafood soup (which comes in a cute little tea pot) (HK$176 for two), stewed eggplant (HK$78), an entire fresh Houbou fish made into sashimi (and the head and tail are then fried for eating) (HK$290), and minced tuna and spring onion sushi rolls (HK$130). While the bill wasn't cheap (coming to HK$1,314), it was well worth the money.

xx Carmen

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