How to Get Bikini Body Ready (Part 1): Review of Genie Juicery cold pressed juice cleanse

This is Part 1 of our series on how to get bikini body ready this Summer. Stay tuned for the next part of our series that will be posted next week!

I have to admit that juice cleanses have never really been my thing. For one simple reason: I normally try to make them myself.

This time though, I decided to call in the experts: the lovely girls at Genie Juicery in Hong Kong. Started by the gorgeous duo Melanie Barnish and CaraMcIlroy, Genie Juicery put together a three day, customised juice cleanse to get me bikini ready for this Summer.

Each day of the juice cleanse consist of eight juices: you can choose from a full range of cleanses including beginner, intermediate, expert, fruit-free, or custom juices. The friendly delivery guy will drop off your first two days for you some time between 6-9 pm on the night before your cleanse starts, with the final day of juices on the second night (i.e. the night before your cleanse ends). This ensures your juices reach you full of fresh goodness.

Day 1

I wake up feeling exhausted and a bit nauseous. I've been sleeping quite badly the last few weeks due to stress from work and physical training, and it's starting to take a toll. Having always been a morning person, my new found lethargy in the early hours is depressing.

In my Day #1 Genie bag is a small packet of organic psyllium husks, with a label telling me to drink it in the morning with a big glass of water because it is packed full of fiber. I'm relieved, because in the past, I've found that I tend to have problems, er, relieving myself in the bathroom whenever I try a juice cleanse. The husks actually taste great in a glass of water, transforming it into a slightly jelly like liquid with very little taste (but a slight smell of hay).

After that, I start the day of with "MAD about Mocha", which is organic cold brew coffee with cacao, almond, medjool dates, vanilla bean, pink Himalayan salt and chia. It tastes absolutely divine - it's like a chocolate milk drink, but without the artificial sugar and additives, and is vegan and cold brewed to boot. The chia had sunk to the bottom, which actually added some extra slightly chewy texture at the end of the drink, so I would recommend to shake it well.

At 11 a.m., I'm sitting in a partner's office, watching him eat an apple - and I'm starting to get hungry. After our meeting, I head straight for the Green Dream, which consists of coconut water, cucumber, celery, spinach and organic aloe vera. It's designed to promote healthy hair and skin, as well as provide detoxifying hydration. The drink is one of the more "hardcore" ones in that there is no fruit to sweeten it, or more filling ingredients like avocado to keep me content, but to my surprise, it doesn't taste bad. It has a fairly noticeable flavour of celery and spinach, but I like the fact that it's light enough for me to gulp down quickly while I'm doing my legal research.

Before I hit the bed, I grab a bottle of India Wilde, which is labelled a digestion and immune booster. It's full of Chai spice, almond, medjool dates, vanilla bean, and pink himalayan salt and has the beautiful spicy Chai kick that girls love. I save this for last because the milk-like texture is sure to keep me full (and fast asleep) throughout the night while my body takes in the nutrients I've had all day long. 

Day 2

My joints have recently been inflamed from over training in gymnastics - and my swollen wrists are really taking a toll. I'm relieved to dig out a bottle of Orang Utan from my Genie bag, which contains orange, carrot, ginger and turmeric. Turmeric is known as an anti-inflammatory, although the downside it is usually a bit bitter and has a slightly hot, peppery taste. To my delighted surprise, the Orang Utan tastes great - it's refreshing with a beautiful, spicy kick.

Lunch time means a two hour period of circus training, but before I go, I grab a bottle of the Smooth Operator, which is actually one of my favourite juices. It's made of banana, avocado, spinach, apple, chia, and vanilla. Don't let the green colour put you off: this juice is more like a thick smoothie, and the taste of bananas, avocado and vanilla are perfectly balanced and filling.

After circus training, I am reaching straight for the Gym Junkie, a drink with raw vegan protein powder, almond, medjool dates, vanilla bean, banana, pink himalayan salt. Strong and nutty flavour of vanilla bean and almond with a slightly creamy taste. Absolutely delicious. 

Day 3

I wake up feeling pumped. I haven't even been needing to drink all eight juices a day, yet I'm satisfied and ready to tackle the day's challenges.

After a sweaty dance session, I tentatively reach for the Green Genie, which has kale, spinach, parsley, celery, romaine, cucumber and chlorophyll. No fruit. Despite this, the drink is light and refreshing, and while I can distinctly taste celery, it doesn't come with the sometimes unpleasant raw green vegetable after taste found in other green juices.

Lunch for me is the Cheeky Monkey (dubbed as the energising drink), which is a mix of banana, mint, spinach, cacao nibs, almonds, dates, vanilla bean, and pink himalayan salt. The juice is thick - similar to a smoothie - and filling. I love the subtle hint of cacao and vanilla bean, and the entire drink is incredibly well put together.

In the afternoon, I gratefully grab the chia seed packet that the comes with each day's juices, and add the small bag of antioxidant goodness to one of the green juices, making it a bit thicker than usual.

Remember that each day you are given eight amazing cold pressed juices - so don't worry about going hungry! They have plenty of other vegetable, fruit, smoothie, protein, and mixed juices for you to choose from as well. For more information, check out Genie Juicery here.

PS. Quote "summerbod" and get 10% off online cleanses until 31 May 2015!

  1. Shake your drinks - especially the MAD About Mocha and India Wilde, which can split into layers because some of the ingredients are denser than the others.
  2. Cancel any lunch/dinner/drinks plans you have, or try to pick a place like the IFC rooftop (perfect because there is also a Genie store in the IFC) where everyone can bring their own lunch and sit in the nice public park area - and pack two of your favourite juices with you then to tide you over while everyone is munching on solid food.
  3. If you are absolutely dying to chew something (which is normal on a juice cleanse), add the India Wilde to a small bowl with some of the chia seeds that the girls provide, and pop it into the freezer for three or four hours. You'll end up with a slightly crunchy, icy ice-cream like bowl of goodness! 

xx Carmen

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