Southern Ridges Nature Trail, SIngapore

I was forced out of my comfort zone this week when I had an outdoorsy and nature-loving high school friend come to visit me in Singapore from rural Victoria. It was the perfect opportunity to explore some of Singapore's nature trails. 

After perusing the Singapore National Parks website, which contains information on DIY walks and itineraries, as well as estimated walking times, we opted to explore Mount Faber and the Southern Ridges. (A special shout out to our friend Ostiane who first recommended the Southern Ridges walk to me!) The start of the trail is easily accessible from Harbourfront MRT station, and after an initial steep hike, it turned out to be a pretty leisurely walk.

Along the way, we were greeted with views through the trees of Keppel Bay and the Mount Faber cable cars. We had also picked the ideal time to do the walk (6.00pm) so that we could catch the sunset while we were crossing the Henderson Waves Bridge. The Henderson Waves is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore (36 metres above sea level) and, as its name suggests, takes an architecturally interesting form of undulating waves.

Of course, after exerting all that energy, we decided to reward ourselves with one of my favourite eating-out meals in Singapore: bak kut teh (literally, meat bone soup). There are two types of bak kut teh, the dark herbal version more popular in Malaysia and the white peppery version which seems to be more popular in Singapore. I love both!

On the recommendation of the hubby, we went for dinner at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh in Chinatown. This place is consistently busy, and I now know why. They serve a fabulously tasty white pepper soup version. We ordered both the pork ribs and the premium pork loin ribs - which come with the same broth. I preferred the normal pork ribs, which were succulent and fall-off-the-bone tender. With rice or bee hoon, it is a simple but delicious dish which I could keep coming back for. In addition to the good food, the service here is super efficient.

After a satisfying meal, we strolled home, passing by the Singapore River lit up for the night. Overall, a very successful day!

xx Amanda


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