Pistol Shooting at the Singapore Gun Club

For something a little different, this weekend the hubby and I did an introductory pistol shooting session at the Singapore Gun Club. It might be surprising, but it is relatively straight-forward to try out shooting for the first time in this famously regulated city state.

The Singapore Gun Club is situated on the western side of the island, about 45 minutes from the CBD by car. Upon arriving at reception, we had to fill out a form with our personal details, make payment, and then it was off to the range.

Field Captain James gave us a briefing on the club rules (most of them common sense but highly important given the live ammunition and weapons being handled) and a safety demonstration on how to load and shoot the CZ and the glock. We were also provided with eye goggles and ear plugs.

I've been on a shooting range once before in Vegas (see my previous experience here), but even though I was expecting the recoil and loudness of the gun shots, it still takes some getting used to! The hubby and I took turns shooting the two different pistols, and I found there was a big difference between the two firearms.

The CZ is from the Czech Republic and is much heavier than the Austrian glock. The safety on the CZ is also separate from the trigger (which I preferred). The safety for the glock is on the trigger button itself. The CZ also seemed to be easier to aim.

One thing that I thought was a bit lax was that different groups were able to use the range at the same time, albeit in different lanes. In Vegas, each group had its own private room. For safety purposes, I would prefer the Vegas set-up. Standing next to a stranger wielding a loaded weapon made me slightly uneasy (think American Sniper).

That being said, the Field Captain gave very clear instructions and I'm pleased to say there were no mishaps!

For the shooting enthusiasts, expats can sign up to be Associate Members (to be a full member you have to be a Singapore national) of the Singapore Gun Club for an annual fee of SG$3300.

xx Amanda


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