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While Amanda has been off gallivanting around Sri Lanka with her husband, Carmen spent the weekend in Macau with The Boy.

Things have been busy at work because we're about to head into a five day arbitration hearing - and that means the team is in full hearing-prep-mode. Fortunately, I was still able to be whisked off to Macau by The Boy, who set us up in the very new and luxurious Ritz Carlton (a full review of that is to come).

In the meantime, I wanted to say a few words about O Santos, a Portuguese restaurant in Macau. Having read its stellar reviews on TripAdvisor (with its 4.5 / 5 rating, and a rank of 7 out of 439 places to eat in Macau!), I went into this establishment with pretty high expectations.

Unfortunately, as with most highly rated places, we were let down.

The restaurant is tucked on the side of one of the busiest streets in the Taipa/Cotai area, No. 20 Rua de Cunha (which is not accessible by cars). After wandering around the streets lost for a bit (because in my mind, the restaurant was near A Petisqueria, another Portuguese restaurant in the area that I would actually rate higher despite a lower ranking on TripAdvisor), we managed to find a few street maps to lead us to the right spot.

The inside of the restaurant is rustic, and its walls are covered in soccer/football memorabilia and photos. The warm atmosphere is exacerbated by the friendly Mr. Santos, who we could see chatting to customers and taking the occasional selfie with them.

While the house red wine was unexpectedly not bad, the food was lackluster. We ordered the duck rice, which was moist but a bit light on the duck (and without much flavour), the Portuguese baked chicken, which I found soaked in sauce but still rather dry, and the grilled octopus, which was pretty good but a bit salty. Given that our bill came to MOP 514, I was pretty disappointed, especially in light of the rave reviews online. The one thing I did enjoy was actually the complimentary bread at the beginning, which was the perfect balance of slightly crusty on the outside and soft inside.

If you're looking for authentic Portuguese food in Macau, you could probably do worse than O Santos - but you could probably do better too, particularly for that price. 

xx Carmen

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