Mak's Noodles comes to Singapore

Whenever I travel to Hong Kong, I must always have a bowl of wonton noodle soup, a Hong Kong staple. It's a different style to the Malaysian hawker "dry" wonton noodles, but I love them both. The Hong Kong version features finer, more textural and bouncy noodles and big juicy prawn wontons in a clear broth. When in transit, the hubby and I like to frequent the Tasty Congee at IFC mall (which is conveniently close to the Airport Express check-in).  

I've never had an experience in Singapore close to the standards in Hong Kong until I came across Mak's Noodles at Orchard Centrepoint. There was a long line when we walked by on Saturday evening, so we decided to order take-away. I opted for the signature wonton noodle soup, and the hubby ordered the beef brisket and tendon noodle soup. The noodles, the broth and the wontons transported us back to Hong Kong, and they are probably the closest thing one can find to the original here in Singapore. 

Needless to say, the noodles were so good (even after the 20 minutes it took us to get home) that the hubby and I decided to wander back late on Sunday afternoon. This time, there was no queue, so we decided to dine in.

The menu is fairly limited, but the dishes we tried were all well executed. I had food envy over the hubby's beef brisket noodles the day before, so to get the best of both worlds, I opted for the beef brisket and wonton noodle soup. The consistency is there - both were just as good as we had remembered. The brisket is good quality and cooked perfectly tender so that it shreds apart with the pull of the chopstick, and the generously stuffed shrimp wontons are so simple but so tasty. I also liked the shallots in the broth, which add a lovely sweetness.

It was only after some googling that I realised Mak's Noodles is rather famous in Hong Kong, not least for being one of the cheapest one Michelin starred eateries in the world!

With the wonton noodle soup selling for SGD6.90, it's very good value. Although some might deem the portion sizes on the small side, I think it's perfect for a light meal (or you could always just order some more wontons or beef brisket on the side!).

xx Amanda


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