A Wedding at Nosh, Singapore

This weekend I found myself at Nosh Restaurant at Bar, attending the wedding of a work colleague. The restaurant is situated within the lush greenery of Rochester Park, and with the gleam of dusk and the twinkle of fairy lights woven in the arbor above the alfresco dining area, it truly felt like we were in a secret garden.

The food at wedding venues has a tendency to be mediocre at best, but the food we were served at Nosh was pretty amazing. (I guess it helps that Nosh is first and foremost a restaurant, that happens to have an ambiance perfect for celebrating a special occasion!) We were especially impressed that even my vegetarian friend was given a choice of two options for her main (mushroom risotto or butternut squash lasagna).

We had the greenhouse salad to start, which was a mix of mesclun, roasted beetroot cubes, slivers of granny smith apple, crumbled Saint Maure cheese (delicious), candied walnuts and a citrus dressing. This was followed up with a Maryland crab cake which was accompanied with a sauce of red coconut curry. I love American-style crab cakes, and this one had a good portion of actual crab meat - very tasty!

For my main, I had the Mediterranean Striped Bass with fruit couscous, fennel-herb salad and chermoula dressing. I was pleasantly surprised that the chermoula had a kick of heat, balanced by the sweetness of the fish and couscous. Dessert was also well done - a toffee date cake, which was not overly sweet, served with a vanilla custard and swirls of butterscotch caramel and diced strawberries. 

One idea which I absolutely loved was that the bride and groom had arranged for a table to be set up with empty wine bottles labelled with anniversary dates from 1 to 50. Guests were invited to write messages and slip them into their choice of anniversary wine bottle. Each bottle would act as a time capsule, to be opened by the couple on the stated anniversary date. How romantic is that? 

Congratulations to the beautiful bride and groom! The wedding reception was impeccably styled, the outdoor setting magical, and the food at Nosh divine.

xx Amanda



  1. Weddings, arranged by family and friends are warm and fun as well. I got married at best wedding venues nyc and my friends helped me a lot to plan my wedding and trust me it was so much fun.

    1. That sounds like you had a great time - and congratulations on your marriage, Johan!