Review of sensory ZERO in Hong Kong

I have to admit that I'm a bit frustrated: I had originally drafted this post on the Blogger app, but it didn't save and now I've lost all my work (something every blogger has encountered in their lives before - more than once, in my case).

On Saturday, I went out to One Island South in Aberdeen (the south side of Hong Kong) to try a barre class at Flex Studio's beautiful, open studio. After a sweaty, hour long session, I headed downstairs to the ground floor to pop by sensory ZERO, a cafe located inside a warehouse showroom full of homewares and furniture.

With ceilings over 20 ft high, worn grey industrial walls, and huge industrial lights hanging from the ceiling, the space is a reminder that Aberdeen was once a factory and manufacturing area, which has now been transformed into industrial chic restaurants and shops. 

In the case of sensory ZERO, the cafe sits on the left hand side of the warehouse space (with mostly huge communal tables to sit at and only a few smaller tables - so don't expect too much privacy), with the remainder of the space taken up by sofas, writing desks and other trendy pieces of furniture.

I ordered a salad, which was a mixture of a green salad with orange slices, Caesar salad, grilled broccoli and cauliflower, and warm sauteed mushrooms. For drinks, I got a coldpressed orange juice that was described as fresh, but I found out (rather disappointingly) that it was just bottled Hyaku juice. I also ordered a bottle of sparkling water, and the total cost came to around HK$140. Given that the food and juice was nothing spectacular, this was a bit underwhelming.

Although One Island South is quite far from Central Hong Kong, sensory ZERO was full of young families - unsurprising given that the children were preoccupied running around the furniture part of the showroom instead of bothering the adults (until one of them picked up a statue to bring back to show his parents). I discovered later that sensory ZERO is actually known for its coffee, so if you're in the area, I would recommend popping by for a coffee and people-watching at one of the large dining tables, before taking a stroll around the remainder of the showroom.

xx Carmen

PS. Amanda is in China and doesn't have access to google products, so she might be MIA for a while on the blog!

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