Beauty Review: SK-II RNA Power Essence and Cream - Part 1

In the closing scenes of The Age of Adaline, Blake Lively pauses in front of a hallway mirror and does a double-take; she notices a single strand of grey hair, a sign of aging. On the cusp of nearing thirty, I have become conscious of the faint creases beginning to form beneath my eyes. This made me wonder: Should I start using anti-aging skin-care products now (in my late twenties)?

If the promise of all beauty regimes is to achieve a crystal clear complexion and youthful glow, the holy grail is how to maintain it and age gracefully. I'm sure most women are familiar with the story of how SK-II's trademark Pitera was discovered, when elderly Japanese sake brewery workers were observed to have smooth hands after years of working in the fermented yeast. The SK-II Pitera Facial Treatment Mask was my initiation into the world of SK-II, and I have to say that I was not a convert. Since then, I have stayed away from SK-II products, thinking that they were not compatible or ineffective with my skin type.

When I was given the opportunity to road test two new products from SK-II's anti-aging product range, courtesy of omy Blog Club Sg and SK-II, it seemed to tie in nicely with my state of mind and I was curious to see how the revolutionized Pitera X RNA (Radical New Age) Complex and I would fare. The two products I tried were the RNA Power Radical New Age Essence (SGD 156 for 30mL) and the RNA Power Radical New Age cream (SGD 149 for 50g). 

The essence comes in a bottle with a dropper (I love these both for hygiene and dosage purposes). Two drops is the recommended quantity and on first impressions, I was surprised that it was a milky white colour and had a creamier consistency than I had expected. The size of the droplets is on the generous side, and you can easily distribute the essence across your entire face and neck.

The cream has a light velvety texture (not too thick) and one small "spoon" using the tip of my index finger was enough. I was conscious not to overdose on either the essence or the cream, viewing them as a combination product and not wanting to risk any breakouts from switching up my skincare regime.

From someone who loves (and frequently does) travel, one of my initial qualms about these SK-II products is that I would have to consider carrying both the RNA Power Essence and the RNA Power cream in my toiletries bag (I've previously been using the one product, Santaverde's Age Protect Facial Oil). On the other hand, the products come in compact sizes (the cream comes in 50g, 80g and 100g jars and the essence comes in 30mL, 50mL or 75mL bottles) so you don't have to worry if these are in your hand carry baggage on flights.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, so I'll report back in one week's time. Stay tuned!

xx Amanda



  1. Nice pictures! And nice product :)

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