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We are well and truly into the Fall season (well, for those of us not in Australia and New Zealand!), which was made even more obvious to me during my recent month-long holiday in New York, where I was surrounded by trees sprouting beautiful orange leaves, and stores selling pumpkin-spice-flavoured-everything-you-can-think-of.

Having spent numerous days trekking around New York City (on one day, we clocked almost 14 km / 8.6 miles in only a few hours!), I found my top 3 favourite Fall items that make it easy to travel light by foot, either around the city or onto the plane.

top travel faves favourites to wear this fall autumn 2015


Shoes are incredibly important - not just as a fashion accessory, but also for keeping us going during our jam-packed travel schedules (particularly those that involve walking 14 km over a couple of hours).

UT Lab Light Wing Trainer innrstyl shoes sneakers

We've posted before about how cool Hong Kong brand INNRSTYL is (see our review of their work pants you can do yoga in), and these guys have again leaped ahead of the pack by offering innovative shoes designed by the label UT Lab.

I spent most of my time in New York walking around in the lightweight and super comfortable UT Lab Ninja Cirrus sneakers (US$68) (pictured below) that weigh only 130 grams each. These shoes have an incredibly soft, microfiber upper material on top, and a sturdy foam rubber outsole. While I'm usually not a fan of purple, I fell completely in love with this eggplant colour, which ended up matching everything I wore (usually blacks, greys, whites and nudes), and the sneakers even managed to hold their colour despite some very heavy usage involving me stick fighting in a park (yes, I have some very strange hobbies).

UT Lab Ninja Cirrus sneakers shoes innrstyl
The only thing I would say is that the shoes are supposed to be designed so that you don't need to wear socks, which is amazing...unless you lead a very active lifestyle, in which case, I would not recommend wearing these shoes for the entire day without socks, because they will start to feel a bit damp after a while. Fortunately, you can either handwash or even cold machine wash them - and after two hours of stick fighting in the dirt in mine, I'm relieved that they're so easy to clean!

If you're worried about the rain during the cooler season and want something a bit more water resistant, then INNRSTYL also sells the UT Lab Light Wing Trainer (US$75), which is made of high grade Tyvek material with light wrinkling that feels almost like crisp, reinforced paper. This material is water resistant, and the outsole is made of eva foam rubber. While care has gone into ensuring as much support as possible, with a reinforced heel and canvas lining on the outside of the shoe along the bottom, the shoes do feel slightly stiff when new and making a crinkling sound as you step, so you will want a few days to break them in so that they mold to your feet. (Update: We've been told that machine washing them beforehand will help make the shoes more form-fitting and comfortable.)

UT Lab Light Wing Trainer innrstyl shoes sneakers

If you're into colour, you won't regret snagging a pair of these shoes - the ones I chose (pictured above) are a mix of purple, yellow, and light burnt orange in 3D like origami shapes, which matches beautifully with the canvas colour of the sole and shoelaces!

Disclaimer: We were generously provided both pairs of shoes by INNRSTYL for review. But don't sweat it (leave that to my feet, lol!) - to find out why that doesn't influence our blog posts, click here.


Now that I'm getting older, I'm finding it more and more important to carry less weight on my shoulders (literally and figuratively!), and for the days when I have a lot of baggage to lug around, I prefer to reach for a backpack rather than my typical messenger bag.

Being a snowboarder, I was already familiar with the excellent snowgear brand Burton, but I never realised that they also sold streetwear backpacks.

I picked up the Burton Kettle Backpack in the Huka Heather colour (US$79.95) at their store in NYC, and was extremely pleased with the weight, design and colour. The backpack resembles that of a hispter Herschel bag, but it comes in a neat size that is somewhere between the two available Herschel sizes, which is perfect for someone around my height (5 ft 4). Although the bag can hold up to 26 litres, it feels surprisingly light weight and isn't bulky, even when you opt to fully expand it.
Burton Kettle Backpack in the Huka Heather colour
Photo courtesy of burton.com.
An added plus is that the bag is well structured, with a padded laptop compartment at the back (which also has a velcro flap to stop smaller items from falling out), and two front pockets for easy organisation of your items. The material is strong but comfortable, and the bag even doubled as a foot rest for me on the plane (although that probably means this beautiful shade of light grey is not going to stay spotless for long). The biggest plus though is that the bag comes with a lifetime warranty - you can take it back to any Burton flagship store around the world and they'll try to fix your (backpack) problems for you!


Looking stylish on the plane has never been my forte - I'm definitely more about making myself comfortable. Finding the right pants has always been a struggle for me, because I would either find loose-fitting but hideously unflattering pants, or tights that would generously hug my butt - at the expense of my circulation.

Enter, aloyoga. For those of you not part of the insta-yoga world, aloyoga is a brand that has attracted yogis from all corners of instagram. With stylish yoga pants that are actually designed to hug your curves but let you move and breathe, these are now my go-to for both exercising, walking around, and hopping onto my next flight.

Aloyoga Goddess Legging grey black
Photo courtesy of The Sports Edit.
In particular, my favourite style is their signature Aloyoga Goddess Legging (US$94) pictured above, which comes in a full range of colours (and even mesh, if you want a sexy twist) and is deliberately long enough to let you pull the ends down to cover at least half your foot - meaning your ankles and feet can be kept toasty warm on the plane if you have forgotten to pack a pair of socks.

Aloyoga Goddess Legging grey black
Photo of @biancamaycheah by sportluxe.
What are your favourites for travelling around this Fall?

xx Carmen

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