Review of the BloomMe app (and get $50 off your first booking!)

"Hello?" I whispered into my phone. "Yes, I'd like to make an appointment for a brazilian wax."
The lady on the other side paused. "I'm sorry, did you say you want to book in a wax?"
"Yes, a brazilian wax," I repeated, as softly as I could.
"I can't hear you - what sort of wax did you want?"
"A brazilian," I said again, significantly louder this time.
"Do you want all off or do you want a strip of hair to be left?" she asked.
"Um. I want all of it off," I said loudly.

A noise from my office door startled me into looking up. My (male) boss was staring at me, fidgeting in the doorway as he spoke. "I'll um, I'll - just let me know when you're free to chat about the new matter," he muttered, backing out of my room as fast as he could.
Awkward silence.

review of bloomme bloom me app hong kong beauty spa and salon discount

For any of you who have been stuck in the same situation of trying to make beauty appointments over the phone without your co-workers (or bosses) hearing you, new app Bloom Me now allows you to book your last minute spa and beauty appointments all from the comfort of your phone - without having to call.

Simply download the Hong Kong app (which works on both iPhones and Android phones), let it access your location, and the app will pull up various salons near you that offer massages, facials, haircuts and blowdrys, nail treatments, brows and lashes, waxing, and even make up appointments.

Keep in mind that this app is heaven for a last-minute fix, but doesn't offer you the ability to book appointments more than a day in advance (and for some vendors, it appears that you can only book same-day appointments). This actually works out really well for busy professionals who never know what their work day will be like until the day itself.

review of bloomme bloom me app hong kong beauty spa and salon discount

For instance, yesterday I booked the Eternal Facial for lunch time today at Glow Spa - it would usually cost HK$1,100, but with a 25% discount offered by Bloom Me, I paid only HK$825. 

Realising that I would be able to get off work on time today, I booked a haircut at Jean Louis David this morning, making my appointment straight after work. The cut usually costs HK$700, but with a 30% discount, I only paid HK$490 through the app.

review of bloomme bloom me app hong kong beauty spa and salon discount jean louis david haircut

Once you have chosen your treatments, simply enter your credit card details into the app (which only accepts Visa and Mastercard, or alternatively you can pay through PayPal), and the app even gives you a handy reminder 45 minutes before your appointment. If you're worried about the quality of the vendors (like some platforms *ahem* Groupon!), BloomMe assures us that it has hand picked its vendors - plus, users have reviewed the service providers so you have some ability to figure out who is worth booking.

Now, onto the fun part - if you'd like HK$50 off your next booking on BloomMe, just use the code 8175CC. BloomMe is currently running a deal where three lucky winners who have booked a treatment from 3 December to 10 December will be picked each day to be given free CAUDALIE products. Plus, there are discounts ranging from 25%-30% off all treatments, so hurry up and score yourself a bargain!

xx Carmen

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