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If you've been following my recent posts, you would have seen that the hubby and I have recently turned our diet and exercise habits around (check out our fitness journey here). While following the 8 week F45 nutrition regime, one of the key supplements that was constantly featured in their recipes was protein powder, whether it be in a traditional protein shake or incorporated into a snack such as protein balls. Protein is an important macronutrient as it provides amino acids which help repair muscles damaged through exercise. The powder supplement form is an efficient way of getting protein into your system - for example, 30g of protein from a shake is equivalent to eating a chicken breast. With so many different brands out there, here is our take on a few popular protein powders.


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We first came across Innermost by doing the F45 Challenge in Singapore. They have a range of protein powders available: "The Strong", "The Lean" and "The Fit" all feature whey protein, whereas "The Healthy" features a vegan protein. All of them come in either chocolate or vanilla flavour. We tried "The Lean" protein powder range in both flavours. In terms of active ingredients, the protein is a mix of whey concentrate and isolate and to assist fat burning, the product also has acetyl L-Carnitine. In terms of taste and blend-ability, it scores highly in our opinion. One of my favourite mixes is chocolate flavoured "The Lean" protein powder mixed with coconut milk. The powder is very fine and dissolves well, which also makes it quite easy to mix into a protein ball or cookie recipe. The only point to note is that the whey protein based powders do contain lactose.


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Isopure is another brand we trialled, which is available at GNC stores as well as online through iHerb. We opted for the low carb "Dutch Chocolate" flavoured protein powder, which also comes in "Toasted Coconut" and "Apple Pie". We found that the name of the flavour sounded better than it tasted, which was a touch disappointing. However, the product is 100% whey protein isolate, lactose free and lives up to its marketing as low carb (with only 3g of carbs per 50g of protein powder). The key difference between whey concentrate and whey isolate is that whey isolate is more processed, which results in a higher protein content with less carbs, lactose and fat. Nutritionally this is a good choice, but I wished the flavour came through more strongly.


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Also available through online retailer iHerb, Vega is a plant-based protein powder. We tried the Vega Sport Premium Protein in vanilla, although it also comes in chocolate, berry and mocha flavours. This brand distinguishes itself as being vegan certified, gluten free, and derives its protein from pea, pumpkin seed, organic sunflower seed and alfalfa. I personally liked the vanilla flavour in shake form, although the hubby was not as big a fan. This is not only a great option for vegans, but also for anyone concerned about sustainability.

Countdown and session tracker for F45 Challenge 21

For his second F45 challenge in a row, the hubby opted to go with Innermost because of the taste, as well as the high quality protein mixed with selected active ingredients such as branch chain amino acids and L'Carnitine. His results speak for themselves: after training for 16 weeks and completing over 221 F45 classes, supported by Innermost supplements:
  • Total weight loss: 29.5kg (from 119.8kg to 90.3kg)
  • Total body fat percentage loss: 24% (from 30.7% down to 6.7%)
  • Total muscle mass: 50kg 
Before and After (16 weeks)

Training is one thing, but nutrition is just as important. Finding the right supplements will improve performance, assist with recovery and keep you energised to reach your goals.

xx Amanda


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