Review of Hunter & Barrel restaurant in Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney

Hunter and Barrel Sydney Steak Restaurant

We recently visited Hunter & Barrel, a modern rustic restaurant renown for its coal grilled meat, conveniently located on Cockle Bay Wharf. Wandering through the enormous wooden doors framed with cast iron, we were greeted by the smell of fresh wood from the wooden logs stacked neatly near the entrance, and shown to our table by a friendly maĆ®tre d′.

Hunter and Barrel Sydney Steak Restaurant

The restaurant decor is beautifully designed, taking inspiration from agricultural and hunting traditions, as seen through the oak barrels lining the open kitchen and bar, the stag head protruding from one corner of the room, and electric candles. The feeling of being seated in a romantic wooden cabin in the forest is reinforced by a green canopy that hangs from the center of the ceiling, and leather booths that provide an intimate setting that is perfect for the ultimate date night.

Hunter and Barrel Sydney Steak Restaurant welcome sign
Hunter and Barrel Sydney Steak Restaurant

We ordered the cooked scallops that came sizzling in a skillet hot plate, accompanied by mildly spicy salsa made with finely chopped dill and chilli. The deliciously creamy scallops melted in our mouth when drizzled with lemon, and was balanced out perfectly with accompanying thick and buttery pita that was beautifully warm and chewy.

Hunter and Barrel Sydney Steak Restaurant scallops

The long pork ribs were tender, with a hint of caramel in the juicy marinade, and beautifully presented on a wooden, rustic board. The wagyu 500g rump steak was cooked precisely to our medium-rare requirements, and tasted delicious with the extra ordering of truffle butter. Both the ribs and steak come with a choice of salad or chips - we opted for the salad, which was a delicious and refreshing mix of garden salad with onions, and tomatoes.

Hunter and Barrel Sydney Steak Restaurant rump steak
Hunter and Barrel Sydney Steak Restaurant rump steak
Hunter and Barrel Sydney Steak Restaurant pork ribs

We also highly recommend the mac and cheese, which was creamy but retained the traditional slightly crusty top, to balance out the texture. The entire meal was beautifully paired with a glass of full-bodied, flavoursome Australian Shiraz.

Hunter and Barrel Sydney Steak Restaurant mac and cheese

To finish off our meal, we selected the choc walnut brownie, served warm with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Next time we'll be back to try the apple skillet pie!

Hunter and Barrel Sydney Steak Restaurant chocolate brownie

We had a lovely evening at Hunter & Barrel - the restaurant was almost completely full, despite being a Tuesday evening, and the vibe was both rustic and intimate - ideal for a date, or even to impress business clients. The service was prompt and friendly, and the variety of meat on the menu (including kangaroo!) was impressive. With al fresco seating under fairy lights close to the water, we're recommend to definitely consider the outdoor seating, if the weather permits.

xx Carmen

PS. This meal was offered to us free of charge. Concerned about our honesty? Check out our Disclaimer Alert policy here.

Hunter and Barrel steakhouse restaurant Sydney menu

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