Top 6 tips on how to throw the best junk boat party in Hong Kong

how to throw best junk boat party hong kong

One of the best things about Hong Kong are the junk boat parties that happen throughout the Summer months. From big corporate events run by international law firms, to a massive party thrown by the nightclub Play, I feel like I've been on my fair share of these highly popular trips. Planning your own junk boat party? Here are our top six tips on how to make it an easy, stress-free experience, thanks to our sponsor SEA-E-O.

1. Book as early as you can 

The number of times I've heard people complain that they haven't been able to secure a single boat from June all the way through to August is surprising. It's very common for junk boats to be completely booked out (with deposits secured!) during those hot Summer months, so if you want to snag a particular boat (and usually a cheaper price), remember to book well in advance.

I've also heard of some party-animals who have an entire "season" of junk party invitations lined up, so booking early also means you can get your popular friends to calendar in your party from the beginning - and hopefully secure a deposit from them (more on that below)!

how to throw best junk boat party hong kong

2. Read the Terms and Conditions 

Yeah, I know, this one is a pain. But it's important to remember that typhoon season in Hong Kong is from May to the start of November. Some boat companies will only allow you to cancel without forfeiting your deposit if it's a Typhoon 8 and/or a Black Rainstorm - while others are a bit more lenient and will let you postpone your trip even if it's a less severe weather condition.

Word of advice: from personal experience, going on a junk trip during high-wind weather conditions can be nauseating, and while there are plenty of tricks to prevent sea sickness, be prepared to bring some anti-sea sickness pills and avoid drinking too much alcohol.

Don't worry though, you can always ask your friendly boat crew to take you somewhere with a bit of shelter from the storm. Some boats come equipped with TV and karaoke, so you can always have a sing-off on the water with your friends!

how to throw best junk boat party hong kong

3. Get money from your guests upfront

I'm not kidding you: I've seen friendships ruined over boat parties. Usually because one person (or sometimes more!) doesn't pay their share of the rental fee, leaving the others to pick up the bill. To avoid this, ask all those who have agreed to come to pay for their share of the rental fee by a certain deadline (well in advance of the party) - you can even use PayMe to make it easier to split the bill! Don't forget to split the full cost of the boat rental between you all - not just the deposit - and make it clear that this is non-refundable unless they find someone to replace them.

If you're going to be honest (which I recommend), tell them that if more people end up joining, they'll get refunded back any extra money you have collected, or it can go to a communal drinks tab afterwards. People often bail on things last minute (sometimes even when they've paid for something), so make it very clear to your friends that they need to pay the non-refundable fee upfront to secure their spot and try to get more people (up to maximum boat capacity) to join, because you'll probably find only 70% of your party actually turns up on the day!

how to throw best junk boat party hong kong

4. Organise food and drink

Organising food and drinks can be an absolute pain, so the most convenient thing to do is to book a boat that already comes with a food and drinks package. While some boats also offer alcohol packages, if you have heavy (or picky!) drinkers, you can suggest that your friends bring their own alcohol. Some Hong Kong boat companies like SEA-E-O (get it? CEO!) have a range of food packages including fusion, Asian, Western, Chinese, and even canapes (i.e. finger food) that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. They also have wine, beer, and soft drinks packages, so if you don't want to have to lug boxes of beer on board, ordering these packages is worth the convenience.

Alternatively, you can ask your crew to take you to one of the nearby islands for lunch at the local restaurants, which serve up fresh, delicious seafood.

Whatever happens, make sure you have lots of water on board - playing in the sun and drinking alcohol are a deadly mix for dehydration!

how to throw best junk boat party hong kong seafood lunch island

5. Plan your activities

A junk boat party isn't quite the same without some water activities. Some boating companies come with inflatable toys such as slides and trampolines, and you can even request a speedboat with a banana boat and wakeboard attached.

Just be sure to book in advance - and don't forget to add the cost of renting these items on to the amount that will get split between you and your friends. You don't want to be asking your drunk mates for an extra $300 per person at the end of a long day on the seas!

how to throw best junk boat party hong kong banana boat water ski

6. Bring emergency items

Some boats are great and will have charging cables and speakers on board, but if you have a party with more than 30 people on a boat, you're sure to need more phone charging cables than you think. Don't forget to also pack some bandaids and hand sanitiser - and LOADS of sunscreen. I've seen so many people turn up to work the following week looking lobster red, and while it's a reminder of a fun weekend, it's one that will probably sting for a week afterwards.

Ready to rock your next junk party? Don't forget to secure your boat as quickly as you can, as spots fill up quickly during Summer!

xx Carmen

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