Review of the Tesalate Beach Towel

As fellow Aussies, we were ecstatic when home-grown Aussie company Tesalate approached us to review their ground-breaking product: the sand-free, travel-friendly and quick drying beach towel that is a must-have for every beach-goer.

The customer experience was super from the start; it was a breeze to select the towels we each wanted and within 2-3 days, our orders were shipped straight to our door. Here's what we thought about the product...


I received my towel (the To Tuscany towel (US$59)) in Singapore just in time for a weekend away in Phuket, Thailand. I absolutely loved the design when browsing Tesalate's online shop, and the real life product lives up to its marketing shots. Packaged in a convenient black drawstring bag, the towel is lightweight and easy to slip into your weekend bag.

To Tuscany towel Tesalate Aussie sand free

When we made it to Kata Beach, the towel was great to use as a wrap to protect against the sun whilst walking along the sand. We couldn't resist doing a "sand stickiness" test as well by placing the towel on the beach, lounging around for a bit, then giving the towel a light shake-off. Pleased to report that most of the sand fell away quite easily.

To Tuscany towel Tesalate Aussie sand free

After a quick dip in the ocean (and again at The Boathouse swimming pool), we dried off and found the material of the towel absorbed water well. After leaving the towel on the hotel balcony overnight, it was completely dry in the morning and ready to pack.

All in all, I thought the towel completely lived up to its name. My only gripe was that if I wanted to lie down completely flat on the towel, some part of me would have to be in the sand (as the towel is only 160 cm in length). That being said, it was a great size to travel with on holidays, is absorbent and "sand-repelling", and looks amazing on the beach!

To Tuscany towel Tesalate Aussie sand free

We also road-tested the towel with the furkids on a recent outing to Sentosa beach in Singapore and can confirm they are dog-approved!


It's still Winter right now in Australia, but despite the chilly temperatures, I headed on over to Bronte Beach in Sydney to give my Tesalate Towel a test run.

I was gifted the beautiful Vintage Rose Tesalate Towel (AU$79) and was blown away by the pretty pattern - gorgeous pink flowers that remind me of cherry blossoms on a very pale turquoise-blue backdrop. As an added bonus, the back of the towel has a pretty geometric black and white pattern, so you're sure to know which side should be facing the right way up! 

Vintage Rose No Sand Tesalate Towel Australia

The material is incredibly light-weight, which makes carrying it around super easy - you can just fold it up into its small accompanying pouch, and sling it across your shoulder. Size wise, it's perfect for one person (I'm a good deal shorter than Amanda though!), although Tesalate does sell two people towels in different patterns if you want to share with a buddy.

Vintage Rose No Sand Tesalate Towel Australia

As advertised, the towel did a great job of not catching any sand at all, much to my surprise! Rather, the sand slid right off, and because the towel was so light, it was easy to just pick it up, flap it in the wind, and watch the sand disappear. My boyfriend has gotten a new car recently, so not bringing back bucket loads of sand into his precious ride is such a plus! This is the perfect gift for the beach-lover, and I'll be snagging a few as Christmas presents to my surf-loving BFFs this year.

Given the pattern is so whimsical and vintage, I'd recommend grabbing a picnic basket full of cheese and fruit (think berries and grapes), and a bottle of Prosecco with a few glasses, and sitting on the beach for a romantic, old-school date on this towel. I can't wait for Summer to do exactly this!

Vintage Rose No Sand Tesalate Towel Australia

Big thank you to the lovely team at Tesalate for our towels - we will be parading them around the beaches of Sydney and Singapore in the future!

xx Amanda & Carmen

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